We work closely with established tanneries that supply leathers to the most regarded luxury brands around the world.

We partner with tanneries that are mindful of our environment through the processes they follow to deliver a high grade of leather without compromising on luxury.

The leather pieces we use have excellent visual and touch finishes as well as durability and consistency in quality and colour.


Dependant on the use, our metal parts are made of Brass or Zamac with real gold plate finishing. An additional varnish of 10 microns is applied to protect the real gold plating giving it durability. The hardware carries the benefits of practicality and high quality.


Produced in Ubrique, Spain, we work closely with our high end leather goods specialist, supplying to luxury brands, for many decades.

Our handbags are crafted by experts, fusing traditional methods with state of the art high tech equipment.

Our handbags are crafted with love and care, each item carrying a story and memory.


All our Handbags are configured with an intergrated chip, giving you a peace of mind that your handbag is registered for warranty and traceability. For added security a tracker is allocated to safeguard your handbag and its belongings.


Our products are delivered with care, charm & delight creating amazing experiences to treasure forever. All our luxurious packaging is biodegradable.


We pride in taking responsibility in the choices we make from selecting our leathers to working with the right partners delivering a product that is ethically sourced, processed and manufactured. With thorough research and development, we offer a product with responsibility and clear conscious. Serena cares. Together we care ...


We work with tanneries that aim to reduce the amount of energy, water and chemicals used during production processes of leather, as well as reducing the amount of solid waste, wastewater and air emissions. They are LWG certied with LMAP to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable leather manufacturing. The quality and durablity of leathers we use extend the product life, reducing the number of items customers need and can be repaired and re-used many times.

Our products are produced with state of the art machinery which enables the best use of raw materials and reduces the impact to the environment, whilst respecting quality, durability , and style. With an emphasis on use of every part of the hides, diverse products are made, reducing waste. These come into our range as one o pieces. Our manufacturer has energy ecenty oces that are practical and greener to the environment.

Our aim is to keep our sourcing and manufacturing hubs local to one another. This also applies to the storage of our items all in climate controlled eecient environments. As a result, we aim to reduce our carbon foot print and do that little part to protect our environment and world. Serena Cares ...