Deg, Serena's signature shape, is a structured handbag with the Nordic name for YOU. A perfectly proportioned size for holding daily necessities like a phone, keys, lip gloss, cards, coins, and headphones.

Designed to be worn day or night, smart or casual, formal or informal occasions - the best possible way it fits YOU.

Deg bag is available in fuchsia, red, black, beige and orange. 

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Liten, which means "small" in Norwegian, is a structured handbag in Serena's signature shape. A perfect size for holding daily essentials like a smartphone, keys, lip stick, small make-up bag, wallet travel essentials such as passports and boarding cards, coins, and headphones.

 Designed to be worn on the go, for formal or informal occasions, smart or casual. The crossbody strap on the ideal small size bag gives you the freedom you require.

Liten bag is available in pink, white, taupe, caramel, red, black.

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Middels, which translates to "medium," is a structured handbag in Serena's signature shape. A perfect size handbag that can hold ipads, note books, make-up bags, smart phones, a small power bank or phone charger, and many other essentials - this is the ultimate practical bag.

Designed to be worn during the day or at night, for formal or informal occasions. It allows you to dress however you want.

This is what it means to be free…

Middels bag is available in red, taupe, black.

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