5 tour ideas to explore in Norway during the summer

This week we want to offer you a series of tours to do in Norway during the summer, so you can  enjoy your time with friends and family.

Go on wildlife safaris in Stø

If you want to see whales in the wild, Stø in Vesterålen is your place. Several whale and seal safaris go out in the midnight sun to observe the marine life around the Bleik Canyon.

Here the deep, cold, nutrient-rich water is pushed up in the spring, encouraging large plankton blooms that draw marine life to the surface.

From late May to August, Arctic Whale Tours runs various safaris and these are guided by marine biologists.

In addition, bird watching excursions can be made around the Anda Natural Reserve, whose cliffs are home to more than 20,000 seabirds.

Local Northern Norwegian Cuisine

If you like gastronomy, you can not miss the fresh products from orthern Norway, among which are cod, halibut and shrimp from the sea, reindeer and lambs from the mountains, and berries and mushrooms from the forest.

Put on your hiking boots!

There are many mountains that surround the city of Tromsø. These offer spectacular hiking trails and views just an hour's drive or less from the city.

The island of whales, Kvaløya, has 10 mountains of more than 700 meters, so if you are a lover of hiking, this is your place.

All you need is strong legs to help you get to the top.

Catch your dinner

If you are passionate about fishing there is no better plan than to catch your own fresh fish from the cold Norwegian waters and enjoy it for dinner.


In Norway you have a  freedom to use the land, making it possible to enjoy nature and camp. However, it is important to be respectful of the earth and the environment.

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