5 Norwegian fashion designers you should definitely check out!

This week, from Serena we have focused on the world of fashion and wanted to introduce you to 5 Norwegian fashion designers.


Bergen-born designer Kristian Aadnevik is one of Norway's most acclaimed fashion talents. This was unveiled at Milan Fashion Week in 2008.

Today he is best known for his Knightsbridge-based label, which he runs in collaboration with his wife and fellow designer Hila Bitton-Aadnevik. Together they have created the fashion brand Aadnevik, where they create haute couture women's clothing lines that combine soft and feminine beauty with sharp and avant-garde cuts.


After starting in Paris more than 20 years ago, designer Frank Remme cut his teeth working for several high-end French and Scandinavian brands and streetwear (including Christian Lacroix and WeSC of Sweden). After having worked for many years in Paris and Striving hard on both high-end French and Scandinavian brands. In 2014, he decided to return to his homeland, Norway, and that's when he created his own brand, Frankremme.

His designs are for both genders and his creations stand out for being very surprising. Athough, it is a relatively new brand, little by little it grows and finds its place in the great world of fashion.


Tine Mollatt grew up between theater stages, old houses and new places. She is the founder and creative director of byTiMo. She created the brand in 2004 with the vision of offering high quality clothing at justifiable prices.

The styles are inspired by vintage fashion and are made with special attention to detail and tailoring techniques. The colors and prints are unique and are made internally, ensuring an exclusive finish.

For Tine, truthfulness and honesty are very important. She believes in sustainability at all levels.


Veronica B Vallenes, based in Copenhagen but born in Norway. She launched her brand in 2008 and you can see a combination of classic Nordic minimalism and the elegance of Parisian fashion.

She is an award-winning designer with many awards and has managed to appear in Elle and Vogue publications.

In addition, it should be noted that Veronica also launched an eco-inspired line with natural materials such as tencel, bamboo and cashmere.


Norwegian designer Merete Nyegaard Dehn created her clothing line, Dèhn Design, in 2009, all made of alpaca wool. Not without reason did she chose to design clothes in this particular material.

All of the products are 100% baby alpaca, and you are guaranteed a product that you can enjoy for years if you treat it well. For this to happen, she recommends washing it occasionally at 30 degrees and drying it completely.

The colors in her collection are inspired by nature. If you are interested in getting their products, you should know that it is quite popular amongst Norwegian retailers.


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